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Add Partner of Record Link missing from Office365 Portal.

Nicole Sheridan - Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Another day, another issue… Microsoft have updated the Office365 User Admin Centre. Only slightly but they have forgotten to put back some of the features. Namely the ability to add Partner of Record to an end user account. 

Before the update, you would have gone to Billing, then subscriptions and clicked subscription details. Here you would have been able to add your MPN number to the end user portal and this would have made you the POR for that account. Microsoft recognised this and this is how they set reseller targets etc… 

This is what it used to look like: 

Now, when you go to billing, then subscriptions, you see this page: 

As you can see, there is no option to add partner details. I spent a good hour clicking into and out of every possible link and it is not there.

I do have a workaround though! :)

If you go to the usual billing, then subscriptions page, and clock add subscription in the top corner, pick one of the subscriptions and click Buy Now. 

On the next page, put in the minimum amount of licenses allowed and click check out now. 

The next page confirms the products you selected and their monthly/yearly price, click confirm and you get this page….

Its looking for payment information but look at the bottom. It also allows you to add the partner info.

If you click edit/add, then type in your MPN number, and click check, it will display your company name. Just click ok here.

This has added you as the POR for the entire subscription. 

After you click OK, you will be brought back to the payment screen, just click cancel here and log out of the portal. Your company have now been added to the end user Partner of Record.  

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Frank Schuurman commented on 05-Apr-2018 11:47 AM
Just tried this, and this appears no longer the case. Microsoft has fixed this hostile takeover of other CSP's subscriptions, even when the client requests it.


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