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Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection


Exchange online plans 1 & 2 both come with a fairly sound spam and malware filter that can be modified by the user where required. But with the increasing number of hackers and their increasing knowledge of IT Infrastructure, some users require more advanced protection. With this in mind, Microsoft have released Advanced Threat Protection. This will be available on the August price list so can be bought through Open from August 1st! Customers buying direct from Microsoft can buy now through their existing portal!   ..

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Office 365 Issues


So yet again we are having some issues activating Office 365 keys. Usually the way it works is you get a mail from Microsoft telling you that your licenses are ready. And all you have to do is “click here”. You are then asked if you have an account or need to create an account! 
When you click I need to create an account, this error appears!  ..

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Office 365 Price Increase


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So yesterday I heard that Office 365 prices across Western Europe are to rise, effective August 1st 2015. Microsofts reason for this is “Cloud services are rapidly evolving and Microsoft is adding significant value to our products”. This doesn’t surprise me one bit, Microsoft have never claimed that Office 365 pricing was going to stay the same, and I have asked regularly. 

One thing does surprise me though, they have not protected the users who are billed monthly, so if you have an existing plan, and are paying monthly via MOSP, you will pay more in August than you did this month! 

As Office 365 we have had so little notice, I will be recommending all my customers renew their O365 end users this month, they don’t have to apply the key yet, but I will be advising then to buy now, use later! 


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