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MicroWarehouse Show 2013 PART 1

John Moran - Thursday, September 05, 2013

So, were you there? If you weren't, why not? And if you were, thanks for coming, we hope you enjoyed it. The MicroWarehouse Show at this year's Electrical Retail Show in City West Exhibition Centre has got to have been the best show we have had in the three years that I have been part of it. With most of our vendors representing, including our three newest vendors exhibiting for their first time (Creative, Yarvik & Viewsonic), there was something new at almost every stand.  

For the full list exhibitors.

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Did anyone see the huge Office 365 Stand? In case you missed it, a brief outline, size of a small house outlining the various different Office 365 plans available while giving good examples of why Office 365 will soon become the defacto standard for home (or business) productivity suites. 

Also on show were a number of hardware offerings, namely Windows 8 devices including the Wedge mouse, Desktop 3000 (which I got to take home, thank you Dave from MS, it really is a nice keyboard) as well as the Mobile Mouse 3500. I mention the Mobile Mouse 3500 because I have 2 of them and I love them. Shameless plug, these are now available packaged in a cake box(click to learn more), 15 in a box which can be converted to a table top POS, exclusively from MicroWarehouse. 


Woah! I remember many moons ago (many, many, moons ago to be exact) owning a Creative Labs Soundblaster 16. At the time, these were some of the hottest products for PC. Think early 90s... Quite a lot has changed since then but Creative continue to be a premium brand. This was reinforced by the sheer range and more importantly quality of the Creative products on display. Paul and his team had brought their A game to say the least with gaming headsets, headphones, speakers and wireless sound bars. 
Notable mentions go to Gigaworks T3, think tiny speakers - BIG sound. (so big, there may have been a request from someone on the very far side of the hall to turn them down). 
Sound Blaster EVO gaming Headset. I had a loan of these from Paul recently and was bitterly disappointed when I had to give them back. Something about being the only pair in the country at the time. Any chance I can them back Paul now that we have a full stock of them please? Dont be fooled into thinking either that these are "just" gaming headsets, being wireless blue tooth, I was able to pair them with my mobile and enjoy Spotify on the couch while the better half watched television. Did I mention they are sound cancelling also? ;)

ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth Speakers. I honestly cant say i know too much about these other than what I saw really impressed me so they are worth a honourable mention. Click here to learn everything that I can't tell you. Will something more in depth once I get to play with them more.


Okay, so Viewsonic is our new monitor brand and if you read my previous blog post, you know how much I like my Viewsonic monitors, particularly the TD2340
As expected Viewsonic didn't disappoint on the new and shiny front. Its a good time for MWH to partner with Viewsonic conisdering how many innovative products they are bringing out currently which gives them that 1up over other brands.

The VSD241
Complimenting the already nifty VSD 220, is the all in one Android Screen, the 24" VSD241. Both of these units can be used as stand alone Android enabled touch device with full access to Google Play Store (also has a built in webcam) but can also double as a Full 1080 HD monitor for your computer, games console or set-top box. The VSD241 is particularly nice as its 24" (obviously) but is also a physically attractive unit that would not look out of place in a kitchen, sitting room or bedroom if someone was looking for an Android enabled TV par say. (or trendy office).

Big is best when it comes to monitors and this 27" display has excellent picture quality. (being 1 part graphic designer, I always pay attention to a good display). Excellent picture quality is all well and good but to be fair, that comes as standard with Viewsoic these days so to justify giving this monitor it's airtime, lets give a little mention to its other top features. 10 Point Windows 8 Certified frameless design. (thats a mouthful) This is one of the biggest if not the biggest touch screen device I have seen in this price bracket. Also worth mentioning is the amount of connectivity that comes with this monitor, not only can you connect HDMI devices such as your set-top box, Blu-Ray player, games console, PC, it can also be connected via different connections to a multitude of mobile devices including your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or HTC One to name but a few. This allows you to display that devices content on the big screen, all the while, charging your device. 


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